Cola Fragrance ~ 1 x Coke Candle

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Cola – Smells just like the Haribo cola bottles classic or a lovely refreshing can of coke. A great kids scent, but also loved by adults too!

We only use Golden Wax / C-Soy wax in our candles. Plant-based waxes are a completely natural renewable resource and the preferred choice in the journey toward sustainability. This reliable supply source provides a long list of environmental advantages - Non-toxic – Biodegradable - Clean burning - Completely free of animal derived substances.

High levels of Phthalates can cause a host of health issues, so Our Scented candles are Vegan, Cruelty free and Paraben free. Each candle uses an ECO wick that provides good burn stability, Free of lead and zinc.

We have no affiliation with these beer, wine or liquor companies other than love and appreciation for a delicious, refreshing cold one!